This is how bridal makeup artists keep the bride presentable during winters

  12 Dec

After Diwali, the festival of lights, the whole India gets ready for another fabulous occasion, the wedding season!
Incidentally, the months of December and January are preferred by people for wedding ceremonies. but these are the peak winter months as well.
The winter season is not very favorable for the skin. Hence, the wedding makeup artist has to take extra care and precaution while doing bridal makeup.

A few self-care tips
Before you book the top-rated Bridal makeup artist in Mumbai for the big day, it is always better to follow a few self-care tips.
The age-old natural beauty care tips are very effective.

  1. Apply a little ‘Desi ghee’ or Olive Oil on the lips in the night. It will keep them pink and soft.
  2. Use milk and turmeric pack for a glowing, moisturized face.
  3. Condition the hair by using coconut oil and olive oil.
  4. Use curd and besan on the arms and legs. It makes the skin soft and nourished.
A seasoned makeup artist takes good care of your makeup
Your bridal makeup artist uses these tricks to transform you into a gorgeous bride.
  1. She uses sea-salt scrub during the first few sessions. It is good for elbows and knees. Since you can’t cover the body in woolens regardless of the low temperature, it is important to remove the dullness and darkness of the skin. The salt scrub does it for you.
  2. She uses light-reflecting concealer and foundation in place of flat foundation. Thus, the blemishes get concealed.
  3. She applies highlighters instead of shimmers. The idea is to give a subtle tone to the makeup.
Best Bridal Makeup in Mumbai ensures that the bride doesn’t get the adverse effects of the seasons. When the whole family is there to shower the blessing, the bride has to be always presentable.