Top skills that you can develop at Ranjanas Beauty Academy.

  06 Jan 2022

The beauty industry is growing at a rapid pace. Due to the growing demand, more people are so eager to become beauticians. In recent days, beauty courses have been pretty extensive. Hence, many salons offer hands-on training in various new and advanced techniques. Beauty aspirants explore different ways to find the best beauty academy. One of the standard and popular ways is seeking the help of Google by asking the Beauty Parlour near me. There are many Beautician Academy in Mumbai where you can learn the beautician course. Yet, it is essential to ensure the academy's credibility to make your learning worthy. Are you looking to pursue a beauty career? Ranjanas Beauty Academy is the best place in Mumbai to enroll in makeup classes.


The Ladies Beauty Salon in Vikhroli offers basic to advanced courses. Basic beauty parlour courses focus on primary skills while advanced courses focus on specific skills. Ranjanas Beauty Academy in Mumbai offers hair, makeup, and beauty classes. Ranjanas Beauty Academy in Mumbai is proud of its expertise. Indeed, we offer the best beauty career training to aspiring beauticians in Mumbai. Our faculty and staff help students to succeed in their aspirations. Therefore, we take all the efforts in enriching your knowledge and assist in achieving the career goals. Ranjanas has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, and we wish to pass on our expertise to our students.

Beauty Parlour in Vikhroli trains students about applying foundation evenly across their faces. We train students to utilize tools and follow application procedures to maintain the hygiene level. Likewise, they also learn to assess their face shape, skin, and skin tones. The texture and sensitivity response of each individual's skin is different. As a result, extreme caution should avoid upsetting the customer. This is something that a professional Beauty Parlour near Vikhroli emphasises when instructing aspirants in makeup classes.

Bridal makeup:
The bride is the centre of attention. Hence, she must look unique and stunning on her special day. At Ranjanas Beauty Academy, we train you to perfectly apply the bride's makeup.

Saree Draping:
Makeup course covers one of the key skills - Saree Draping. Firstly, it's a dress that comes in multiple styles. Saree draping involves multiple styles that change a person's appearance. The trainer should come up with unique ideas to keep customers happy. You can only learn these skills at a professional beauty academy. Occasional makeup: The customer is not required to visit the parlour frequently. Therefore, students at Ladies Beauty Salon in Vikhroli learn to apply suitable makeup for the occasion. We train the students to use makeup properly for the age of the person. Students learn the intricacies of makeup application, by enrolling in professional makeup classes.

Fashion makeup:
The fashion industry is very glamorous. Modals and celebrities require brighter makeup to appear more luminous and radiant. They should not appear bored or uninterested during their events or when speaking to the media. You learn these intricacies of makeup application in a beauty academy.

Hairdressers' Course
Hairdressing is an exciting career that allows you to progress with various opportunities. Above all, you can make people feel and look good about themselves. Likewise, the hairdressing course curriculum educates students to perform all the primary responsibilities of an expert hair stylist. You get hands-on training for shampooing and general hair and scalp treatment. Students will also learn to style the client's hair based on their facial anatomy.

Beauticians' Course
The global cosmetology industry is estimated to be worth over $382 billion per year. For this reason, a professional beautician course covers personal grooming techniques. These include nail arts, makeup, hair styling, skin treatment, and other topics. Hence, students learn about hair, nail, skincare, skin anatomy, safety, physiology, and business management. If you wish, you can continue your education in a comprehensive cosmetology programme. When you search for a Beauty Salon near me, ensure the academy provides training on the latest curriculum. We ensure that students grasp all the basic concepts. Additionally, they also learn to apply darker and lighter shades using various techniques. After completing the beauty parlour course, we provide job assistance and salon setup assistance to our students. The glamorous world is always in the spotlight, and the media never misses a chance to photograph it. As a result, the makeup artist must consider these factors when applying makeup to people associated with the glamorous world. Ensure to choose the best academy to fulfil your career aspiration.